West Island Palliative Care Residence

We support institutions that don’t receive substantial governmental support but provide key care to those in need. The support to WIPCR helped to improve patient services, as well as to provide dignity for end-of-life care to terminally ill patients.


Lakeshore Hospital

The Foundation provided support to open up four new intensive care rooms in Montreal’s Lakeshore General Hospital allowing treatment of additional 270 patients per year. The Foundation also supported the purchase of essential medical equipment in emergency room,  new telemetry and monitoring system, dispensary system for the pharmacy department, as well as sustaining patient care


Centre Hospitalier de l’UniversitÉ de Montréal

The Foundation provided a one-time contribution to building important infrastructure projects that are non-recurring. This includes contributing to purchasing one-off state-of-the-art medical equipment.


McGill University Health Centre

We supported a non-recurring gift to support the Research Institute of the MUHC, in advancing science and research and the construction of a new medical building at the Glen site.