Apply for a Grant

The Trottier Family Foundation is pleased to offer grants in these programs: science, environment, education and health. We also consider small grants for community and international initiatives.


Step 1. Create an account

New applicants can create an account by clicking the “Get started” or "more" button on the bottom of the granting portal. Open an account by adding your email and password.
Returning applicants, please sign in by entering your email and password in the fields to the right and clicking the “More” button.


Step 2. Complete the Eligibility Quiz

Once you set up an account, fill out a brief eligibility quiz. This should take less than 2 minutes. Upon completion, and if successful, you will be prompted to complete the next step in the application process.


Step 3. Complete the Letter of Intent

Using our online portal, responding to our Letter of Intent by answering 13 short questions and a short statement of purpose question. Once this is complete our review committee will begin reviewing your Letter of Intent. This may take some time to review. Proposals retained in the Letter of Intent stage will then be invited to complete the application process.


Step 4. Submit a Full Application

If your Letter of Intent is  approved by the Trottier Foundation staff, you will return to the online portal and will be asked to answer further questions in order to  complete the application. Requirements may vary per grant. Please complete all application requirements using the online application system.