Can we meet with the Foundation before submitting a grant request?

Our policy is not to meet with potential grantees/partners before submitting grants for capacity reasons. Please submit your Letter of Intent through our application portal. We may contact you afterwards.


Does the Foundation conduct site visits as part of the application process?

No, site visits are not part of the assessment unless staff consider it necessary.


Our organization does not have a registered charity number. can we still apply?

No, we can only accept grant requests from registered charities or qualified donees.


What language can I submit a proposal?

The Foundation is pleased to receive requests in French and English.


What is the average amount per grant? Is there a range the Foundation considers?

There is no pre-established limits for grants. Keep in consideration that the Foundation receives hundreds of grant requests every year and has a limited budget and cannot accept every request.

The Foundation makes larger long-term grants as well as smaller short-term grants. 


What amount should I request?

This is entirely dependent on the project you seek support. Please specify an amount, as required in the application process.


Do you consider multi-year request?

Yes. We provide single year requests and consider multi-year requests. 


Can my organization apply for more than one grant per year?

The Foundation prefers to grant one grant per calendar year. 


Can I apply for a project that has already begun?

Applications to fund an initiative that has already taken place or is already taking place may be considered but is likely to be declined. The Trottier Foundation does not fund projects retroactively. However, we may fund a project that has not yet started but which forms part of a larger initiative already underway.


Can my request be sent by mail, fax or email?

No. We now require all applications to be submitted online.


What kind of files should be attached during the application process?

You may submit all documents you deem necessary. This may include:

  • Annual reports;
  • Financial statements;
  • List of the members of your Board of directors;
  • Any document you feel is pertinent.

My application was previously rejected, am i eligible to apply?

Yes. We encourage all grantees to apply.


How does the Trottier Foundation determine the merits of an application?

We review all applications against various assessment criteria. There is no one right approach. We attempt to consider whether the project is evidence-based and in line with science based thinking, the organization’s background and track record, project leadership, tangible outcomes, the impact the project will have, measurable benefits to the community, innovativeness, time frame, budget questions such as amount and much more.


Can we mail or email additional information?

No. Please provide or update additional information using our online process. 


When can we submit a grant at the last minute?

No. The Foundation cannot accept last minute grant applications. We require time to properly evaluate and assess your application.