Our Science Program seeks to advance fundamental research in the physical sciences and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).
Reflecting the beliefs and values of our founders, the Foundation believes in the inherent importance of scientific and technological research and discovery in transforming  our lives and benefiting  society. Our support of science aims to produce a significant and measurable impact.
We strive to promote the importance of science in modern society and encourage critical thinking and scientific inquiry.  We advance emerging scientific fields by funding research and education that:

  • Refutes scientific myths;
  • Promotes curiosity, inquisitiveness and asking new questions;
  • Promotes the importance of science in public and institutional education;
  • Enhances society’s understanding of the joy and importance of sciences;
  • Unlocks the mysteries of the nature of the universe.


Our Education Program promotes the belief that quality education is vital to building a successful and vibrant society. As such, our Foundation supports education on multiple fronts - by supporting everything from large university institutions to small community organizations that focus on issues such as science and the environment.



Climate change is unfolding at a rapid rate and requires immediate attention. The impacts of climate change are devastating on ecosystems, societies and economies. Our Foundation is particularly interested in innovative responses, insights and measures that mitigate climate change and reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
Our Environment Program makes grants to organizations that address climate change, mitigate GHG emissions, expand clean energy, and strive to solve the climate crisis and ensure a prosperous future.



Our Health Program strives to improve the experience and outcomes people have with their health. We have a specific focus on health related support in the Montreal area. 

In patient care, we are concerned with improving the well-being and quality of patient care, supporting research institutes, end of life and palliative care and under served communities.


Community & International

The Foundation supports various local Montreal institutions. We prioritize local projects that have are cross-cutting and related to science, education, environment or health.  

The Foundation also supports select international charities. Initiatives that transverse the areas of science, environmental, health and education are prioritized.